Vibration Analysis

Welcome to TRP’s vibration analysis section. As you go over this portion of our website we will list all the benefits and cost savings vibration analysis can have on your company or industry. Being that vibration analysis is our core competency -TRP can offer not only vibration services but consultations on how to set up a fully predictive vibration analysis program. We can assist you in going from a reactive facility with no predictive services in place or a facility with moderate predictive services, to having a world-class vibration analysis program that can either interface with your current CMMS system or have its own separate software and database. Point being , that TRP can offer you not only the tools but the services needed to implement or sustain an efficient and predictive facility.


Benefits of vibration analysis include:

  • Preventing unscheduled downtime due to preventable failure of rotating equipment or machinery.
  • Increased efficiency and repairs by knowing what exactly is the core problem instead of taking time to troubleshoot the specific piece of machinery to find the defect.
  • A decrease in inventory and stock items by knowing what parts to replace.
  • Vibration analysis offers you the ability to trend the current defective machinery or equipment in order to make a decision whether or not you need to fix the problem immediately or if you are able to make it to the next scheduled outage.
  • $$$ Hundreds of thousands of dollars are saved just by having and maintaining a vibration analysis program alone $$$!

Vibration Analysis Result Graph