Ultrasonic Inspections

ui1From the compressors -through the air lines -to the components.. TRS’s Reliability Professionals will conduct a thorough & effective ultrasonic air leak inspection for your company. Electricity is not cheap and depending what your current kW per hour rate is, unnecessary running of compressors to make up for leaking air could be in the thousands of dollars per year. TRP will conduct the survey with one of your employees so any leaks that can be addressed immediately-can get corrected right away. Leaks that will need to be corrected at a later time will be marked with a descriptive tag at the leaks location. A formal report will also be created with a tag description and a picture of where the leak is. Ultrasonic’s can also be used in detecting proper steam trap function, Corona & Arching in electrical panels, as well as used for lubrication motors and bearings to establish precision grease quantities. Below are a few key advantages of having TRP perform an air leak survey for you!
• Compressed air cost in most industry is between 10 and 15% of the total electric bill. This amount usually is in the thousands of dollars-TRP will help eliminate this cost for you!
• Performing an air leak survey and correcting the found leaks will increase the reliability and thus increasing the longevity of your compressors.
• Finding and correcting leaks when they are manageable will prevent future corrosion and possible catastrophic failure of pipe lines.
• The biggest benefit of having TRP perform an air leak survey is immediate cost savings by correcting the found leaks!
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