Enterprise Asset Management

Welcome to TRP’s Enterprise Asset Management portion of the website. EAM is by definition what it is called. All of your assets across all departments, locations and facilities are managed, organized and ranked for improvements in performance, reducing capital costs & operating costs and to improve total asset life. TRP’s consultants will help you optimize your assets lifecycle and better manage costs associated with each asset. There are a number of ways TRP can assist your industry with managing your assets. Below are a few key points and methodologies that TRP uses for EAM assessment.

  • TRP professionals will optimize your facilities CMMS system (computer maintenance management system), to keep track of all your work load and integrate proper preventative maintenance tasks per asset, according to OEM specifications.
  • TRP will perform critical asset rankings on all major assets that relate to your day-to-day operations. This process will identify all assets that have the ability to shut down your process causing unscheduled downtime (THIS IS WHAT WE WANT TO PREVENT). These assets will then be prioritized with preventative maintenance tasks (PMs) created in your CMMS system.
  • If you currently do not have a CMMS system in place. TRP can offer consultation services on setting up and maintaining a proper computer maintenance management system for your facility.

In conclusion TRP consultants can offer your industry a streamlined efficient and effective process for maintaining all of your assets and prioritizing them according to shut down capabilities. This will not only increase your bottom line, it will have you running a safer more efficient facility & process. The amount of dollar$ $aved applying these techniques in your industry can be unlimited!!!

(As always- please contact us for a no cost consultation & competitive bid)

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