IR Thermography

IRT1Welcome to TRP’s infrared thermography section. As you go over this portion of our website we will list all the benefits and cost savings infrared thermography can have on your company or industry.  Infrared Thermography-(IRT) is an excellent predictive tool to implement in your arsenal of preventative maintenance applications. TRP’s reliability professionals are certified in the use of infrared thermography and can apply this technology in your industry to help detect failures before they occur. A brief description of how thermal imaging works is that our cameras detect radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Images are produced from radiation called thermograms. Every object emits infrared radiation whether it be a person or piece of rotating equipment or electrical equipment. You can also use infrared in pure dark situations because IR does not need light to see heat. Based on the amount of radiation emitted by an object it increases the temperature therefore the higher the radiation the higher the temperature will be and vice versa – using thermography allows you to see the variations of heat in any objects, equipment or machinery. Keep in mind there’s a lot of technical aspects in the ability to use infrared thermography like knowing when to adjust your emissivity or account for convection and conveyance of wind on a certain object or depending on its color or reflective properties of the sun. This is another reason why TRP’s reliability professionals are certified in this technology. Listed below you will find some benefits of having TRP perform an infrared thermography inspection in your plant, or if you already have a thermography route in place TRP also offers consulting services to help better understand the use of the technology and all of its applications in your industry.

  • IRT can be used to scan all of your electrical MCC boxes and breakers to detect failures on fuses or loose connections before electrical incidents/hazards occurs.. I.E. Arc flash, blown fuse.. causing unscheduled downtime or an injured employee.
  • IRT can also be used to scan any type of rotating equipment bearings shafts or pipes in order to detect failures due to heat related occurrences. If a motor is misaligned, has a bad bearing, needs grease..etc. it will heat up, if a pipe is worn in a certain area there will be heat difference between the worn area and the non-worn areas. IRT will detect all these heat variances in your industry and let you know of these potential failures before they occur causing unscheduled downtime or injury to personnel.
  • IRT will not only save you money by detecting and preventing heat related failures. It will save you time on repairs or replacement of parts, which in today’s competitive industry-Time = $$$$, so time saved = $$$$ saved!!!
  • As always TRP will come in at no cost to you for an initial consultation of not only IRT, but all our services we offer!