Dynamic Balancing

balance3Welcome to TRP’s dynamic in-place balancing section of our website. In this section will describe the benefits and definitions of dynamic in place balancing. Dynamic by definition means : “A force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process”, therefore imbalance is the relationship of change to a fan that adversely effects the balance of the fan, causing secondary components of the unit to see excessive detrimental vibration. Fan imbalance is the number one cause of premature bearing and shaft failures of rotating fan equipment. TRP’s certified professionals have the latest technology and equipment to make sure your fans are running with minimal to no imbalance. Total Reliability Professionals certified field engineers have the capability of performing a single plane and dual plane fan balance. By having properly balanced rotating equipment you increase the lifecycle on the bearings and shafts by as much as 90%. Also you’ll avoid the possibility of a catastrophic failure and potential employee injuries due to an imbalance failure event. Below is a list of some benefits of having TRP’s engineers properly balance all of your facilities fans.

  • Increased bearing and shaft life, as well as electrical costs for added load due to imbalance forces.
  • The safety factor from preventing a catastrophic failure due to an imbalance situation.
  • The cost for unscheduled downtime due to premature bearing shaft failure. Also the cost of any secondary damages due to a catastrophic failure of the fan.
  • The bottom line is that TRP’s engineers can increase your bottom-line by assuring all of your facilities rotating fans are adequately balanced for their specific operational needs.

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